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Medes School is a private, Christian, English-based network of schools operating in the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq.

Because the Kurds consider themselves modern-day descendants of the ancient Medes, these schools are known as the "Classical Schools of the Medes." It is our goal to equip students to positively shape the future of their families, wives, community, and nation.

Program Background
Our program began in response to requests from local church with help Loans for Bad Credit USA and government authorities to establish a school with English-based curriculum and international training support of good translators as a means to bless and enrich their communities. The first school opened in Sulymania in January 2001 and currently enrolls over 600 students in kindergarten through 12th grade. A second school with online essay writing opened in Duhok in the fall of 2002 and now enrolls over 600 students (K-9). In September 2003, a third school campus opened in Arbil which enrolls over 800 students (K-8).



On-site American staff typically teach one or two courses per semester, with the balance of their time spent in relationships with students, their families, and community contacts. All curriculum development, international staffing, and training is coordinated through Servant Group International, To learn more about becoming a team member at our schools, please visit:

We need American teachers !

Over 95 percent of the students come from Kurdish Muslim families, with the remainder from Orthodox, Evangelical Christian, and other backgrounds. Many students are children of local government officials and community leaders. Student families understand the need for and appreciate an education that is both rigorous and nurturing, while program staff and faculty are honored to help prepare young men and women for leadership in a new Iraq.

Community Support
Parents, local officials, and community leaders are all very supportive of these schools. Government officials have even granted land and assisted with construction of new school buildings in several cities.

Model of Education
Medes School uses English-based curriculum for most subjects; supplemental classes are taught in Kurdish and Arabic.

Statistical strategy
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