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Statistical Strategy of Rates for

There are so many strategies based on statistics and math, plus combined strategies. Keeping in mind the combined approach, you can make good money. This strategy is based on the exclusion of tennis players who do not meet the following requirements: low morale tennis players who give up after a failed set or bad series of innings; the presence of new or old injuries; tennis players who need to fly to the tournament for a long time, plus they had five or six games in a row; low motivation for the tournament (you need to look at what the player receives in the tournament in terms of overall rating). This strategy will be of use to you when betting at

Mathematical Strategy of Rates for Tennis

Due to the fact that the combined or mathematical strategies are quite complicated for an ordinary player, it is possible to place bets using the statistics of tennis players. For this strategy, you will need a list of the best players on someone else's pitch. As a result, you will get a list of players who may not be at the top of the ATP and WTA ratings at all - this is the norm. You will need to take the statistics for the last 2 years and take into account the tennis start-ups.

You need players who come to all tournaments - make a rating according to the average number of break points for the entire game over 2 years. Follow the tips:

Now, having a table with players and points, you can track games and wait for a break point of an outsider (a player from our table) in 1 set. Next, bet on the favorite, because in 90% of cases it is the favorites who take the break. Well, plus to everything, 1 set is not even finished yet, not to mention others. So, you can earn if you bet on a favorite with a stronger pot than before the start of the game.