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Hottest wives of football players

You know that football players are the richest, the most beautiful and successful people. They always are on top of the list, having a fortune of millions of dollars, and they always get lucky with the most beautiful girls you can ever imagine. Wives of famous football players have their own fan clubs because of their fame and success. And we are here to name all the sexiest girls who are married to sport legends:


Who doesn't know this stunning Spanish beauty with the most powerful voice and hips that don't lie? Shakira has a star on the Walk of Fame of Hollywood. She is one of the best-selling artists of all time with sales of over 70 million albums around the world. In addition to working in the music industry, Shakira is involved in philanthropy through charitable activities and beneficiaries, especially thanks to her Pies Descalzos Foundation, a speech on the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI), the project of former US President Bill Clinton. Not only she is a perfect beauty, a sexy dancer, a choreographer, a singer and a philanthropist, she is also a perfect wife. Shakira married Gerard Pique, a Spanish footfall player from Barcelona, back in 2011. They are still together and look like a perfect couple.

Pilar Rubio

A model and TV presenter Pilar Rubio is the beloved defender of the Spaniards Sergio Ramos, world champion in South Africa and a two-time European champion. She is eight years older than Sergio, but Piles looks stunning on every photo she makes for commercials and advertisements. In 2014, Pilar gave birth to their baby son whom they called Sergio Ramos Rubio after his father.

Georgina Rodríguez

Everybody talks about the infamous New couple of Georgina Rodríguez and legendary football player Christiano Ronaldo, who, unfortunately, left Real Madrid. In 2016, an amateur model met Christiano Ronaldo during Dolce & Gahanna fashion show. He used to date Irina Shayk back in the days. The two lovebirds started dating pretty quick, and soon their affection grew into relationships. Christiano made their dating serious and official – he introduced Georgina Rodríguez to her mother (which is the only parent of the infamous footballer since his father died long time ago), and his son -the treasure of Christiano. Seems like the football legend had some fun with Russian women for marriage, but Irina stood no chance, apparently. At the beginning of 2017, a couple showed up together at a FIFA ceremony, making obvious for everyone that they are dating. Sooner, Georgina confessed that she is pregnant. She gave birth to a child of Christiano at the end of 2017, and in 2018 the infamous football player announced their marriage – it had to be held after the World Championship.